Project Overview

2018 marks Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s 15 year anniversary of Senior Show & Celebration. Senior Show is the grand finale to the school year that celebrates the graduating seniors accomplishments and showcases their final thesis’ for one night. As a graduating senior in 2018, I was tasked with branding and promoting Senior Show. It was important to represent the school and the students that are graduating. My concept considers the growth of the school over the last fifteen years as well as the growth of the students that are graduating. This growth is similar to that of a tree. Over the years, the trunk and base grow wider with branches that reach out in different directions. PCA&D is similar to a tree. The outer fifteen rings of the tree trunk in my concept represent the fifteen years of Senior Show & Celebration. The inner ten rings represent the additional ten years that President Mary Colleen Heil has been in leadership. Mary Colleen is retiring at the end of the school year after twenty-five years.

Project Scope

Concept development, print design
Bannersandwich boardreport template